We have 60 days to raise $12,000 to fund the rest of our sample production to complete our first collection before moving onto the manufacturing stage. We know we can get there, but we need your help. Click this link to donate now! If you cannot donate but believe in our vision, please share this link with those around you! Lets make Brinn grow, together.


Who is Brinn?


BRINN is a luxury camera bag + accessory line for the movers + the thinkers of the world. It is for the ones that are destined for something greater. It is for the hustlers, the girls and boys that are working Monday - Friday + Friday - Sunday to make their dreams a reality. 

BRINN is for the creative that holds style to the same degree of importance as functionality. Here at BRINN, we are dedicated to delivering high quality products that are founded on innovation, motivation + individuality. Our creations are designed in our favorite city by the sea that we call home, Asbury Park, NJ.

BRINN has decided that the days of boring camera bags are over because you, my dear, are far from boring.

You're chic.


Meet Ciara

Based in Asbury Park, NJ, Ciara B. Perrone is a photographer & designer. She creates contents for companies big & small, helps bring brands to life through imagery and photographs high fashion all while stirring up a killer Manhattan.

The idea for BRINN was born on a NJ Transit train to NYC while founder, Ciara was on her way to a photoshoot. She wanted to find a solution to the bulky, uncomfortable & unstylish camera bags that she owned - so she created her own.

Ciara is the head designer as well as the photographer at BRINN. She looks forward to sharing her vision with you.